The Cardiovascular Laboratory offers a wide range of non-invasive diagnostic tests that helps to diagnose various types of heart disease.

Cardio Stress Tests


Electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG): 
A graphic recording of the electrical activity of the heart. (Each EKG wave form represents a single electrical impulse as it travels through the heart.)

Exercise Stress Test: 
An exercise stress test records heart rate and rhythm while walking on a treadmill, tracking the heart’s response to exercise. The level of exercise is gradually adjusted to achieve an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Echocardiograms (TTE): 
A complete ultrasound of the heart muscle that measures chamber size (thickness and volume) and evaluates valves and blood flow. This is performed with an ultrasound probe placed on the chest wall.

Vascular Studies

Venous Doppler (Upper & Lower Extremity): 
Ultrasound technology is used to rule out blood clots and/or leaking venous valves.

Arterial Doppler (Upper & Lower Extremity):
Ultrasound tests assess blood delivery to legs and arms and are used to diagnose peripheral vascular problems.

Carotid Doppler: 
A carotid Doppler is an ultrasound of the neck and carotid arteries to evaluate the delivery of blood flow to the brain.

Visceral Vascular: 
A visceral vascular test is an abdominal ultrasound used to check the size of the aorta, superior mesenteric, celiac, renal and iliac arteries.

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