Arrawdha General Hospital’s state of the art Emergency Room Service is committed to provide safe and compassionate care for our patients around the clock. Whether you arrive to us as a walk-in patient who needs emergency or non emergency care, our highly skilled team is at your service to care for you in a safe, attentive, and reliable environment. Specially trained physicians, compassionate nurses, as well as our non medical staff, are all dedicated to provide you with the high quality care you have come to expect at the Arrawdha General Hospital.

Normally our emergency patients are treated and discharged on the same day. Our emergency trained physicians will provide you and your family with a detailed medical report for follow up with your doctor if needed. However, you can still expect innovative, exceptional, and attentive care if your stay requires hospital admission or surgery.


To fulfill our promise of excellent, safe, and high quality care, we consistently support our highly qualified team with:

  • A separate triage area to expedite services in classifying the patient according Emergency Severity Index (ESI.1,ESI.2,ESI.3,ESI.4,ESI.5)
  • Smooth and hassle free admission process
  • Comfortable and private treatment areas
  • Resuscitation and minor surgery rooms
  • 24 hour laboratory services
  • State of the art imaging equipments and monitors
  • Isolation Room, a truly negative pressure area where patient with Air borne disease (TB, Chicken pox, Measles, Corona virus, etc) and seen before they are admitted to negative isolation room in the hospital
  • Full equipped ambulance supports the department by transferring the patients to other facilities when needed.