Obstetrics and Gynecology Services:


The OB/GYN unit in Arrawdha general hospital provides quality healthcare to women using a multidisciplinary approach to obstetrics, and gynecological patients. It is one of the biggest departments in the hospital and in whole Dammam. There are 7 (Seven) clinics for out-patient consultations. It o offers a range of services to women from adolescent girls to postmenopausal women. The common goal of our OB/GYN service is the birth of a healthy baby to a health mother.

Obstetrics Services:
• Early diagnosis of pregnancy.
• Antenatal care for normal and complicated pregnancy.
• Management of early pregnancy complications.
• Management of high risk pregnancy, which includes Diabetes and Hypertension with pregnancy loss.
• Packages for delivery that would include delivery only, antenatal care and
delivery, antenatal care, delivery and post natal care.
• Routine and specialized obstetrical consultations
• Obstetrical assessment tools as Doppler, CTG, and ultrasound, pelvimetry using conventional XR or computed tomography.
Delivery Unit:
• Has well equipped comfortable three delivery rooms
• Has also a dedicated theatre inside the unit for Caesarean sections and any needed surgical intervention
• Has full facilities for analgesia or an aesthesis that can ensure pain free delivery
• Has the nursery and neonatal unit and ICU just next to it
• Educational courses are conducted to encourage breast feeding as a part of our Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)

Gyne Services:
• Diagnosis and treatment of routine and specialized gynecologic diseases
• Infertility investigation & Treatment
• Early detection of female genital cancer through regular examinations, PAP smear, pelvic ultrasound and mammogram
• Family planning and contraception.
• Gynecological surgery.
• Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy.

 Consultant Internal Medicine is experienced in managing medical diseases with pregnancy like;

 Diabetes pregnancy
 Hypertension
 Thyroid disease


Arrawdha General Hospital’ OB/GYN Department provides consultation services through highly qualified and experienced Consultants, who carefully evaluate each patient. After diagnosing patient’s condition, the Consultants discuss available treatment options and recommend the most effective treatment.