Arrawdha General Hospital Pediatric Department seeks to improve the health of children in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and beyond through excellence in the care of patients and families through highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology.


  • To achieve the highest possible patient care on scientific basis administrates with care and empathy
  • To combine the highest standards of current techniques and technology
  • To prevent diseases through the use of immunization and family education
  • To ensure optimal care of a child in combination with knowledge, experience and understanding both for the sick child and anxious parents
  • Pediatric staffs are always on hand to answer questions regarding your child’s health enabling you to give your child the comfort and support he needs during his hospital stay.


The Pediatric Department composes of:

  • General Pediatric Ward ; Consists of 11 beds
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU); Consists of two (2) well equipped beds with monitors and mechanical ventilators
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU); Composed of 10 beds with 6 ventilators and 2 Nasal CPAP
  • Newborn Nursery; Containing 20 beds for the care of well newly born babies
  • OPD Pediatric Clinics covering 24 hours


Scope of Service



  • All common medical condition especially asthma and other respiratory diseases
  • Hereditary anemia’s and other blood related diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Common childhood diseases
  • All acute and chronic diseases of childhood


  • Regular growth and development check – ups (OPD Clinic)
  • Strong Immunization Program ( OPD Clinic )


  • Dealing with all newborn babies that needs continuous monitoring
  • Dealing with preterm baby from 25 weeks and ELBW from 600 grams
  • All newborn babies that needs Mechanical Ventilation and Respiratory Support
  • Newborn with Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia that needs exchange transfusion and intensive Phototherapy
  • Cases of neonatal Infection including Sepsis, Meningitis
  • Cases that needs Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • All procedures: UVC, UAC, Intubation, Ventilation, Chest Tube Insertion, Lumbar Puncture, Pleural Tap… etc.


Designed to care for all well newborns; Contains 20 baby cots, 4 radiant warmers, 1 resuscitator





Care provided Includes:

  • Routine Newborn Admission procedures
  • Care of all activities of daily living
  • Initiating Feeding
  • Encouragement of breast feeding and assisting mothers in doing so
  • Baby bathing, Baby bath demonstration especially to first time mothers
  • Vital Signs observation
  • Cord Care
  • Eye Care
  • Immunization before discharge (BCG, HEP. B)




Pediatric Department Staff consist of:

2 Consultants, 6 Specialist, 4 Residents, 27 Staff Nurses