The Arrawdha General Hospital Community Pharmacy can fill your prescriptions and also carries over-the-counter medications, post-surgical items and more.

The Pharmacy at Arrawdha General Hospital is divided into In-Patient Pharmacy and Out-Patient Pharmacy.

  • In-Patient Pharmacy it is located on the first floor of the main hospital building.
  • Out-Patient Pharmacy it is located in the Ground floor


Arrawdha General Hospital Community Pharmacy:

Out-Patient Pharmacy: is the most famous Pharmacy in the Eastern Province for:

1) The availability of all the medicines.

2) It meets all the requirements of the community includes but not limited to: baby care products, bed ridden patient requirements, cosmetics and more

In-Patient Pharmacy: Is beautiful unique masterpiece Pharmacy with well qualified and experienced Pharmacists and it has been provided with:

1) Aseptic room.

2) Laminar flow.

3) Narcotic and Controlled Medication section.

4) Unit Dose medication section all under one roof of the Hospital and the motto of the Pharmacy is PATIENT SAFETY.