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Arrawdah General Hospital is looking forward to becoming the leading hospital worldwide, in order to achieve excellence and innovation in providing comprehensive and safe medical and nursing services through the application of the latest local and international standards, in terms of care, care and providing comfort and reassurance. It was established in 1989 with the aim of investing in the health care sector in the Kingdom.

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In case of emergency call 013-8346555OR SEND US A MESSAGE





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Your Family's Health And Your Time Is Valuable For Us

Arrawdha holds the elite of doctors, surgeons and specialists who are highly trained under international quality and standards.  We are   putting all of our effort to deliver the best   health care and hospitalization for you and for your family.

We Proud

Best Health Care For Mom And Baby

In the bast 4 years Arrawdha hospital has had a great success especially in the maternity department, from where we can receive any premature baby case which means delayes in growth and whight. Our most success case is a baby in 26 weeks old and wight of 750 Grams, we kept the baby under a high quality of special health care by a highly trained medical team until he got a fully growth and stable health.

Our Clients

Our history

Since 1989

Arrawdha has established in 1990’s, since that time it’s providing all patients with the best health care. Until 2010 and because we wanted to expand our services and to deliver more to the patients Arrawdha became a certified hospital.



Latest And Best

We always attract the best medical equipment and we are looking forward to bring the latest technologies that delivers the best and the most accurate results.



Highly Qualified Team

Our main goal is to bring the most qualified staff starting from workers, nurses, doctors until managers and it’s our success key that make us get through all that time.


Why Choose Us

Because you and your family’s health matters and it’s our most priority, we have brought for you the latest technologies
and we have brought the most highly trained doctors, nurses and staff just to deliver to you the best health care.

  • In Case of Emergency Call 013-8346555

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  • Dammam
    Saudi Arabia

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