Our technologies

We use the latest technologies that helps our doctors to identify and diagnose the patients in order to deliver the best treatment and to make sure that the treatment is giving a positive results.

At (AGH) Arrawdha General Hospital we are using state-of-the-art technology that pioneered by our expertise and researchers in order to inhance the patient care.

What you might see while you are staying:

  • A very quiet nursing- call system, so you can stay in a very peaceful environment.
  • Work stations that allows the nurseries and doctors to monitor all the reading and records of your status.
  • Private rooms.

What happens behind the scenes:

  • The latest technologies in surgical rooms.
  • Radiologic imaging suites with the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and radiology services.
  • A very advanced circulation system with exhaust air discharged through HEPA filters to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases.
  • High quality computers that are supported by IT department to keep the doctors in serve.
  • Innovative location of patient units to provide the best care and collaboration among your health care team
  • Outside systems that get rid of all kinds of waste and materials to keep the hospital environment clean and safe.

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