We are there for you any time

Prompt attention is the key; hence we have made timely intervention our strength apart from adopting best practices in Medicine and bringing out effectiveness through knowledge sharing.

We are available 24/7. Here at Arrawdha general hospital we understand that initial diagnoses and treatment decisions in the emergency room can represent a patient’s first and sometimes the only opportunity for a favorable outcome. Because your health is our priority we ensure you are served and get immediate health care. Readiness in attending to all cases and the strong willingness to cure patients is a major drive towards doing valuable work. Our medical team and support system is primarily oriented towards meeting the anticipation of patients via prompt attention and medical care

A visit to the EMS is hopefully rare for most people. So, it is important to know that emergency medical services are different to a scheduled appointment at your doctor’s office.
As you wait to be treated, you may notice that some people who came in after you are being seen before you. We practice a system called triage, where the most critically ill or seriously injured are treated first – regardless of where they fall in line. Even those people who come in by ambulance may go through the triage process.

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